Jane Austen Christmas Presents

“It was a noble gift.”—Jane Austen’s Letters

I’m starting to think about Christmas presents! It’s so fun when you can find a special gift for a special person in your life. What can you get for the Jane Austen enthusiast in your life, or what can you put on your wish list for your friends to get for you? This week I’ll give you some ideas for teens and adults; next week for kids.


Books, of course

Of course anyone would love one of Austen’s novels, right? If they don’t already own them all! Just as a reminder, here they are:

Northanger Abbey, parody of Gothic novels, light and fun, a young heroine and a witty hero

Pride and Prejudice, light, bright, and sparkling, if they’ve read any of Austen, they’ve probably read about Darcy and Elizabeth, who are both proud and prejudiced, in their own ways.

Sense and Sensibility, two sisters, one serious and steady, one emotional and intense, face different challenges

Mansfield Park, the most serious, most faith-focused of Austen’s novels; I have learned to love this one

Emma, full of secrets, mysteries, and puzzles

Persuasion, a more mature romance, where love is worth the wait

Gift ideas 

  • Illustrated versions of the novels (find a real bookstore, look for a lovely copy, and buy it there!). The classic versions were illustrated by Hugh Thomson or Charles E. Brock. 
  • Hugh Thomson’s Peacock Pride and Prejudice is a delight. 

Jane Austen Books is a great source for a wide variety of Austen-related books and other merchandise. 

Devotionals Based on Jane Austen’s Novels and Prayers

 (Links take you to my reviews so you can choose what appeals to you most):

A Jane Austen Devotional  

Prayer and Praise: A Jane Austen Devotional   

Praying with Jane 

30-Day Journey With Jane Austen 

For those who also love Anne, The Anne of Green Gables Devotional is another good choice. 

Austen Variations (novels based on Austen’s works)

Check out my reviews of favorites with faith or science themes

More Books

Kim Wilson’s books In the Garden with Jane Austen and At Home With Jane Austen are luscious coffee-table-style books. But there are so many good books; see my other reviews on my blog for just a taste of some of the excellent books related to Jane Austen and her world. 


For the Austen fan who likes to cook, search on Amazon for Jane Austen Recipes, and you’ll find a variety of cookbooks, such as The Jane Austen Cookbook. 


Jane Austen Day Book: I have used these many times, and am glad they’re finally available from amazon. They give you a short section so you can write a paragraph or so for each day of the year. I use them to record things I’m thankful for, each night before I go to bed! 

Jane Austen Daybook, a year’s journal

A search at Amazon will give other Jane Austen journals, and Jane Austen Books also offers some nice ones including this one.


You can get a lovely “A Year With Jane Austen Calendar” from JASNA Wisconsin.  Each month has an illustration from an early edition of an Ausaten novel, with a quote. Each day shows events that happened on that date, from Austen’s life and novels.


A year’s subscription to Jane Austen’s Regency World magazine would be a wonderful gift for all year long. Every two months an issue full of fascinating articles and gorgeous pictures will arrive! 

A subscription to Jane Austen’s Regency World magazine would give all year long!

JASNA Membership

For those who love Austen, a membership in JASNA gives them access to many valuable resources.

Jane Austen Coloring Books

A variety are available. I am in the midst of one on Sense and Sensibility, with lovely illustrations from the book as well as passages from the book. 

Sewing Projects

Jane Austen cross stitch patterns. I’ve reviewed a number of them at Austen-related Sewing and Cross-Stitch Projects

The Jane Austen House Museum offers several lovely cross-stitch kits. I enjoyed the Jane Austen Portrait pattern

I made a reticule decorated with this cross-stitch pattern from the Jane Austen House Museum.

I just added this kit to my own wish list: Jane Austen Cross stitch pattern

Here’s a lovely crochet pattern for a Jane Austen doll.

If you knit, you might want to try Best of Jane Austen Knits

Other Gift Ideas, including ideas from the Jane Austen Fan Club on Facebook (thanks, friends!):

Jane Austen Mugs: A variety are available, here’s one example with characters. And another with “Half Agony, Half Hope.” And another with quotes from the novels.

Jane Austen T-shirts: Lots of these available also.

Pemberley Sweatshirt

Jane Austen Masks: Search Etsy, many are available.

Scarves and Gloves: Storiarts Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf (and other items)

Pride and Prejudice with handwritten letters

Pride and Prejudice and Puzzles, and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Quiz Book

Throw blankets with Pride and Prejudice or other Jane Austen themes, many available

Digital Stickers with Jane Austen themes

Great sources for a variety of gifts, check them out!

JASNA Regions

Jane Austen House Museum, including lovely mugs

Jane Austen Centre in Bath

Jane Austen Books

Part 2, Jane Austen Gifts for Children and Teens, gives ideas for gifts for the children in your life who you hope will become Austen fans. Soon they can enjoy Austen with you! Versions of Austen’s novels for toddlers through teens are listed.

One more addition–Jane Austen Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a time for gifts, though even more importantly it’s a time to remember God’s gifts to us. Sometimes gifts of love and compassion can be the best Christmas gifts we can give to people. What is one of the best gifts you’ve ever received?


If you still want more, here’s an older Jane Austen Gift Guide I found online. Not everything on it is currently available, but it will give you even more ideas. 

By the way, I do not get any income from anything recommended on this blog. The links are simply for your convenience; feel free to buy from wherever you like.


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